Protect Your Employees Through Covid and Beyond


Don’t let Covid disrupt your business. Simple, flexible options cover all aspects of testing ensuring your employees get back to the office safely, boosting productivity and reducing work absenteeism. Breathe Assured provides cost effective testing solutions to help you get your business back on track after years of disruption.

What We Offer

We offer government-approved online healthcare supervised Covid tests with a certified result, within 15 minutes as well as point of care flu and antibody tests to help you manage the impact of Covid, with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Employee Covid antigen tests with verified results
  • Antibody test
  • Flu tests
  • Nurse-led Covid helpline
  • Covid-compliance advice or training
  • Certified travel testing
Proactive management of employee health is more important than ever. Online services are an efficient, cost-effective and ideal solution in an era of increased home-working.

Covid highlighted the importance of keeping healthy to reduce the risk of serious complications. A healthy workforce means a healthier business. Download our literature on Covid’s impact on the workforce below.

A Testing Solution to Suit Your Business

Lateral Flow Testing

Online verified Covid testing for your whole organisation from the comfort of your employee’s home or office.

Travel Testing

Online fully nurse-supervised Rapid Antigen Testing and PCR Tests for staff that travel frequently.

Database Management

Monitor your organisation’s Covid testing frequency to better understand risk related to absenteeism, productivity levels and the impact of long Covid.

You’re in Safe Hands

Our years of experience combine to create a unique and robust method to provide you with testing in the safest, most convenient way possible.

  • Government recognised private test provider
  • UKAS ISO 15189:2012 accredited organisation
  • Our tests are CE marked for self-test
  • Our tests are UK government and EU approved

Founded by doctors actively involved in fighting Covid-19. We’ve been in this since the beginning, proposing at-home testing to the UK government to see loved ones back together where it matters most in care homes and hospitals.

Flexible for All Types of Business

Offices and Large Businesses
Event Testing
Clinics, Salons, Gyms & Shops
Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants
Hotels, Rentals & Airbnb
Taxis & Transport Services

Get In Touch

Contact us today to find out more about Breathe Assured and how we can help you manage your Employee Covid Management Plan today.

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