Sorry to hear today that MacDonald’s employees are worried about their safety at work.

Lack of social distancing, absence of temperature checks and more have been reported in some restaurants. I’m sure lots more employees are worried about heading back to work as lockdown is released.


Temperature checks aren’t actually that reliable in detecting COVID but they’re a cheap and easy addition to a general COVID safety policy. What’s more, they may put people off coming to work if they aren’t feeling well.


Social distancing, mask-wearing and hand-washing should be second-nature, by now. But, we really want to avoid a third wave when we are so close! So, what else can MacDonald’s and other concerned companies do?

The government is giving free lateral flow (rapid antigen) tests to any businesses who apply….so why not use them to give added confidence to staff and customers?

Critics of these easy-to-perform tests say that they aren’t that accurate. It may be true – but only if they aren’t performed appropriately, or correctly, under healthcare professional supervision. For businesses too, the hassle of setting aside a COVID-safe testing area, ensuring tests are properly performed, and collecting and uploading results to Public Health England can be off-putting.

One easy option is to consider the on-line COVID test supervision that we provide at Breathe Assured, a government certified testing service, run by doctors.

Just provide employees with tests (free from government or use our own government-approved ones) and we will do the rest. We provide a secure system where they can register their details. They perform the test, online, from the comfort of their own home, under instruction and supervision of one of our specialist nurses. At the end of the 15 minute appointment, the test result is verified and, if negative, a Fit to Work certificate is provided instantly. We upload all results to Public Health England for you.

No need to set aside testing space at work, or risk possible spread during testing. No disruption to the working day. No PPE – good for the planet too!


As businesses start to cautiously re-open, the last thing they need is to shut down again due to a COVID outbreak. And no-one wants to feel at risk.

Regular, well-performed and validated testing would seem to be a worthwhile addition to standard measures as we all get back to work again. It’s what we use in the NHS!

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.



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