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About Breathe Assured

Founded and led by experienced hospital doctors and scientists

Living and working in a global pandemic has been a challenge for all of us.

Despite the best efforts of government and scientists it is hard to keep abreast of the rapidly evolving understanding of this new disease and we have to change our approach to all we do.
Learning to live with coronavirus seems inevitable as, realistically, vaccines are unlikely to provide the full solution.

Our work, in hospital practice, underlines the measures that we need to take to keep us all as safe as possible – though the challenges of sourcing such large amounts of good quality protective equipment, testing kits and more have made it hard to get back to some sort of normality. But we need to get back to work, to socialising and more – for the sake of our mental and physical health, as well as the economy.

Our company leadership team comprises seasoned senior NHS consultant doctors, scientists, senior international pharmaceutical and occupational health executives, life scientists, and a medical device importation regulator for the European and UK markets.

Through our many years of experience and expertise, we have developed strong partnerships with credible international manufacturers and suppliers to deliver solutions against the coronavirus pandemic.

Our antigen-testing kits, for use by healthcare professionals, occupational health teams or similar, can give you an answer within 20 minutes, for COVID as well as standard influenza A & B.

Rapid antibody tests will become increasingly important as we try to understand the duration of immunity after infection or vaccine.

High quality, scientifically and medically verified protective equipment and air purifiers independently tested on COVID-19 provide additional measures that may reduce fine aerosol as well as droplet transmission.

We try to reduce the cost as far as possible to ensure that it is accessible to as many as possible.
But, we wanted to do even more. The huge drop in fund-raising activities has left many charities and research projects lacking.
So, we also donate to charities or research projects that have been impacted by the pandemic.

See our Giving Back page for more info.

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