Our Rapid Antigen Testing Process

We have developed a unique procedure for remote Covid-19 Rapid Antigen testing that delivers quick, reliable, and certifiable results. The process is simple: Purchase your tests in our store, book your online supervision appointment, register each person attending the session, attend the session and wheels up! 

STEP 1: Order Your Tests Online

Order your tests online at least 5 Days PRIOR to departing the UK as in most cases test delivery can take 24 – 48hours (weekdays).

To help you determine what tests to order read our Step by Step Guide to Travel Testing.

The rules and regulations continue to change, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the right tests at the right time. Please check age limits for tests. For returning to the UK, all those who are aged 11 and over need a test to return.

Purchase your Rapid Antigen Testing Service with Certificate Below. Select from a variety of value ranging from single packs to packs of five to suit your family or travelling group’s need. Each pack includes the full test kit, online appointment/s and certificate.

Check the Contents of Your Test Kit on Arrival

The tests we provide are fully certified and have been through careful quality control at the manufacturer. However, due to the number of tests currently being produced, all suppliers are reporting occasional instances where tests contain empty buffer fluid bottles, are missing components, or may be damaged in transit. Thankfully, this is rare, however, to be safe we ask you to check the tests immediately on arrival. In case of any concerns, please contact us immediately so that we can send you a replacement test as soon as possible.

For each test you require a swab, a cartridge in a silver foil pack (please do not open until the time of your test) and a sealed tube with buffer(fluid) in (it only requires a couple of drops).

Even though the box states this is a self-test, please do not perform the test without our supervision, as we need to supervise your test fully to provide you with a certificate.

STEP 2: Book your Online Supervision Appointment

Your appointment with Breathe Assured can be booked in advance. Book early to reduce travel stress and to guarantee an appointment convenient for you. Our online appointment means you can perform the test from the comfort of your hotel room or accommodation. You can book both your Outbound and Inbound Tests Sessions immediately.

  • Book and register your tests PRIOR to departing the UK. The registration numbers will be required on your passenger locator form. If you do not register these tests, you will not be allowed to board the flight.
  • Please note all times are UK TIME (we suggest you record this in your phone). You can book single or group sessions (max 5 people in group session). All appointments are 30 mins.
  • Your booking will be via a zoom link. Please download any software required and be on the link 5 minutes before your appointment. We also are available to perform it on MS teams if that is preferable. Whilst it is possible to use a smart phone, tablets and laptops are much more efficient. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the tests, we cannot perform an appointment in trains and cars etc.
  • You can change your appointment free of charge within 12 hours – missed appointments will require you to purchase additional supervised slots on the website. If there are no slots available, and it is over 48 hours before you need the test, please email customer services who will arrange it.

Outbound Flight: If Applicable

Arrange your online nurse-supervised appointment for your outbound flight within your destination’s travel guidelines. This is usually between 24 – 72 hours before arrival.

Inbound Flight: Mandatory for all travellers

Arrange your online nurse-supervised appointment for your return to the UK Rapid Antigen Tests. Your appointment must be within 72 hours of your arrival time back in the United Kingdom.

How to Book your Session

After purchasing you Rapid Antigen Test, follow one of the methods below to book your sessions. Remember to book a session for your outbound flight, if applicable, and your inbound flight (mandatory).

Post Purchase Click on Book Now on the page following check out and follow the prompts. The system will automatically create a password and log you in.
Confirmation Email Click on Book Now on the confirmation email following the purchase of a test and follow the prompts. The system will automatically create a password and log you in.   Check your spam folder if confirmation has not been received.
Website 1. Go to www.breatheassured.com
2. Select Booking
3. Select Lost your password
4. Add your email address you used during purchase.
5. Click Reset Password.
6. Choose a new username and password
7. User your email address and new password to login
8. Select Single Zoom Consultation or Group Zoom Consultation.
9. Select Date and Time
10. Complete the registration form
11. Confirm Booking
Direct Links Individual booking: https://breatheassured.com/book-test-online
Group Booking: https://breatheassured.com/group-book

1. You will need to follow the Lost Password process to access your account:
2. Select Lost your password
3. Add your email address you used during purchase.
4. Click Reset Password.
5. Choose a new username and password
6. User your email address and new password to login
7. Select Single Zoom Consultation or Group Zoom Consultation.
8. Select Date and Time
9. Complete the registration form
10. Confirm Booking

Complete the registration form for Public Health England

Prior to the online booking you will need to complete a registration form for Breathe Assured to upload the tests results to Public Health England.

The form must be completed for each individual being tested in the same online supervision session:

STEP 3: Attend your Session and Perform your Test

  1. At least 10 minutes before your appointment, prepare your test kit and passport.
  2. Wash your hands and blow your nose.
  3. Log on to your computer and use the meeting link on your Breathe Assured Booking Confirmation email to connect.
  4. The nurse will join you at the allotted appointment time and take you through the testing process ensuring the sample is captured as accurately as possible.
  5. The nurse will remain on the call with you until the results are received. A certificate will be issued immediately on negative result.

Note on your certificate

It is your responsibility to check all the information when you receive it which you can do online with your nurse at the end of the appointment. It can be corrected at the time, but more difficult to do later as it gets uploaded to Public Health England.


The process listed above is for our Rapid Antigen testing service only. We do not sell or deliver PCR Tests, however we do provide a PCR Discount Voucher on our website.

If you have downloaded our PCR Discount Voucher and purchased your tests on the Randox website, you will need to register your PCR tests with Randox as soon as they arrived:

  • Register your tests at https://randoxcovid.azurefd.net/urnRegistration using the Unique Reference Number(URN) found on the test kit box.
  • Ensure you receive your registration email with unique registration numbers for each of your Fit-to-fly, Day 2 and Day 8 tests PCR Tests if applicable.

All questions about the PCR tests need to be addressed by the Randox website and customer services covidcustomersupport@randox.com

Contact Us

Should you require any additional assistance or information you can  email us at customerservices@breatheassured.com.

Our customer service team is available 8am to 8pm (UK time) every day, however we do monitor emails after hours in case of emergencies.

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