For Taxi Drivers


Taxi-drivers and others who are regularly transporting passengers can now breathe easier. And so can their customers!

Just place our portable air purifier into the cup holder, plug into the car power source and provide your passengers with fresher air, filtered of many pollutants, allergens, viruses, bacteria and even odours. And the innovative silver ion technology has been independently tested and shown to deactivate over  99% of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) on the filter in 30 minutes.

The automatic air quality sensor adjusts fan speed depending on level of air pollution – which has been shown in recent studies to contribute to the risk of complications from COVID infection. So a portable air filter is great when you are in traffic, but even more useful in a pandemic

Masks and other PPE are also available on our site – or contact us for further help.
Of course, aerosol transmission is not the only way of picking up infections – contaminated surfaces can be a route too. So, it’s really important to note that these measures can not eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections but simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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