What is Test-to-Release?

Test-to-release is a scheme set up by the UK government (England only) to allow you to be released early from quarantine 5 days after returning to the UK instead of the 10 days currently required for Amber Listed countries according to the government’s new Travel Traffic Light System.


According to the Test-to-Release scheme, you must perform a PCR test on day 5 of quarantine. You must obtain proof of a negative test by a government approved testing service. Only PCR tests may be used for Test-to-Release.


Even if you receive a negative test result on day 5, you are still legally obligated to perform a PCR test on day 2 and day 8 in line with government regulation. This helps to identify new mutant strains of virus that may be entering the country.


You are not eligible for Test-to-Release if returning from a high-risk country that has been travel banned such as those listed on the Red List, as you will be refused entry into the UK.


The UK Government Test-to-Release scheme is only applicable in England and not applicable to Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland

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