What test do I need to travel abroad?

You will need tests for the outbound (departure) journey and the inbound (return) journey of your trip.


Outbound Trip

The tests required for your outbound journey will be determined by the destinations you plan to visit.

Check the latest travel regulations of your destination prior to purchasing your test.


There are two types of tests that are accepted for this purpose:


  • Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test
  • PCR Test

Check at what time frame to departure the test must be performed as this may change with each country (either 72 hours or 48 hours).


Inbound Trip

The tests required for your return journey to the UK is determined by the UK Governments Travel System. Countries are deemed to be either non-red or red list countries based on the level of risk of Covid-19 currently experienced by the country.

For more information of the test requirements and which countries are on the red list, read our UK Travel Requirements Page. 


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