Will my test be valid if my flights change?

The test result is only valid for up to 72 hours before travel to UK (or less, for other countries you may be visiting).


If you have performed your tests within the recommended time and your flights are then moved outside of the specific time period, the test result will no longer be valid and a new test will need to be performed.


For example: Your destination requires a test result within 48 hours of arrival. You perform the test 48 hours prior to departure and receive your travel certificate. The flight is then moved:

  • To an earlier time-slot – your test result will still be valid.
  • To a time over 48 hours after your test result – the result will no longer be valid as you are out of the 48 hour pre-arrival window.


Breathe Assured cannot be held liable for invalid tests due to a change in travel or transport arrangements.

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