Rapid Antigen Day 2 Tests made easy with our new photo-upload process.

Only suitable for fully vaccinated travellers and children under the age of 18 when returning from a non-red country. 

Purchase your tests

Order your tests online at least 5 days prior to returning to the UK.

Receive your URN Number

As soon as your test is dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation email with your URN number needed for your passenger locator form on your return journey.

Go to our online test platform

Complete your test registration form on our unique Breathe Assured testing portal on day 0 – 2 after arriving in the UK when you are ready to perform your test.

Take a photo of your passport

Capture a photograph of your passport and test kit.

Perform your test

Perform your test following the simple prompts found on the screen.

Wait 15 minutes for your results

Once your test is performed, you simply wait 15 minutes for your results to appear before uploading a picture of the result to our system.

Nurse verified results

One of our specialist nurses will review your submission and issue you with confirmation of result on email, before uploading your information on your behalf to Public Health England.

That’s all there is to it…

Already have a Breathe Assured Rapid Antigen test at home?

If you have already purchased a Rapid Antigen test from Breathe Assured as part of a value pack, you can still use this test as a Day 2 test.

You will need to get in touch with us so that we can issue you with a Unique Reference Number for your passenger locator form. You will still need to perform the test using one of our testing methods, either under nurse supervision or photo upload.

Click the button below to complete our Day 2 Conversion form and one of our customer services consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

Want to upgrade your test?

Using your day 2 test for your onward journey

If you are planning to be in England for less then 2 days, you still require a Day 2 test and a predeparture test for your onward journey. We can help you upgrade your Day 2 Rapid Antigen test to be both the Day 2 and predeparture test at the same time.

Simply purchase an Appointment Only slot on our website and book a nurse supervised appointment. We will then issue you with a fit-to-fly certificate for your predeparture test and issue a Day 2 result in line with government requirements.

*Only suitable for countries accepting Rapid Antigen tests as predeparture.

Not feeling comfortable with the photo test and want a bit more support?

We know technology can be tricky, and sometimes you just need that extra support. Our nurses are always there to help. If you would prefer to do your Day 2 Rapid Antigen test under nurse supervision, purchase an Appointment Only service on our website and book your appointment for day 0 – 2 after your arrival back in the United Kingdom.

Contact Us

Should you require any additional assistance or information you can contact us on 0203 677 0009 or send us an email using our Contact Form.

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