Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier


Protect your home and workplace from airborne particles and disease-causing viruses and bacteria

Aurabeat AG+ NSP-X1 removes 99.9% of airborne particles, kills bacteria and viruses and is the first medical-grade air purifier certified by MRI Global, an authoritative contract research organisation in the United States, to eliminate >99.9% of COVID-19 on the filter within 30 minutes*.

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  • Voltage: AC220 V
  • Power: 95 W
  • Dimensions: 390×211×628 mm
  • Max. noise level (dBA): ≤58
  • Particulate CADR (m³/h): 375
  • Max. Area (m²): 40-50
  • Silver ion for antivirus:✔
  • Plasma sterilization: ✔
  • Filtration Efficiency: ≥99.7%
  • UV disinfection: ✔
  • PM2.5 removal: ✔
  • Formaldehyde removal: ✔
  • Toluene removal: ✔
  • TVOC removal: ✔
  • Filter replacement reminder: ✔
  • Filter Life: 6-18 months (2000 hours)
  • Fan Speed Settings: 3
  • Smart Mode: ✔
  • PM2.5 Sensor: ✔
  • Timer: ✔
  • Sleep Mode: ✔
  • Quiet Mode: ✔
  • Child Lock: ✔
  • Net Weight: 7.6 kg
    • More Information

      Completely filters the air in a 538 sq. ft. (50 sq.m) space 3 times an hour.
      5-Stage Disinfection and Purification System offers 5 levels of protection:


      1. Prefilter: captures hair, dust, fibres, dander and large particles.
      2. Silver Ion Air Filter: 99.7% filtration for particles larger than 0.3 microns and effectively kills COVID-19, general viruses, bacteria and moulds.
      3. Nano-crystalline Filter: natural non-metallic minerals are used to remove harmful gases, formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odour from the air.
      4. UV Disinfection Layer: the UV lamp sterilises the air and eliminates viruses.
      5. Plasma Sterilisation Layer: positive and negative ions are generated by the plasma generator which neutralise in the air producing huge energy to destroy microorganisms.


      Aurabeat AG+’s High Efficiency Silver Ion technology works in 5 ways:

      1. Effectively degrades and destroys viruses
      2. Suppresses virus and infectivity
      3. Destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses
      4. Prevents viruses from attaching and invading cells
      5. Suppresses viral replication


      Most air purifiers on the market can only filter droplets and viruses on the surface of the filter. The virus can survive on the filter surface and can re-enter the air when the filter is being replaced. With Aurabeat AG+ viruses and other microorganisms are not only captured but effectively destroyed, greatly reducing the risk of secondary infections.

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