EU-UK Rapid Predeparture Test Package for Unvaccinated Traveller



We have put together a test package to help you navigate the EU travel test requirements and for your return to the UK testing after your journey.


Our Nurse-Supervised Rapid Antigen Tests are approved for travel to EU countries accepting Rapid Antigen Pre-departure tests and our certificates contain all the required information as set out by the EU guidelines.


All our testing can be done from the comfort of your own home or travel accommodation.


Each package is suitable for one person and contains the following:


Outbound Predeparture Test to EU destination

  • 1 x Nurse Supervised Pre-departure Fit-to-fly Rapid Antigen Test with Certificate

Nurse-supervised online appointment with instant certificate on negative result.


Return to the UK Predeparture Test

  • 1 x Nurse Supervised Pre-departure Fit-to-fly Rapid Antigen Test with Certificate

Nurse-supervised online appointment with instant certificate on negative result.


Day 2 & Day 8 PCR Test after arrival in the UK

  • 1 x Day 2 PCR Test with URN number provided on purchase
  • 1 x Day 8 PCR Test

Suitable for Day 2 & 8 testing by unvaccinated travellers.


Important Note:

  • Certificate provided within 20 minutes if Rapid Antigen test is verified as negative by specialist nurse.
  • PCR test results received in 24 hours, or same day if results are received at the lab before 1pm.
  • Royal Mail Priority Returns mailing bag and postage label included for PCR sample.
  • UK and EU Approved. CE marked for self-test.
  • Test valid for 1 year.
  • NOT suitable for test to release Day 5

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We’re a Government-registered testing provider

As a UK Government-registered private testing provider, Breathe Assured has developed a unique procedure for remote Covid-19 antigen testing that delivers quick, reliable, and certifiable results.


Benefits of travel testing with Breathe Assured

  • Our online supervised testing is conducted by specialist nurses – no clinic required.
  • Our rapid antigen lateral flow tests are Government,USA and EU approved
  • Negative results 97% accurate in high viral loads
  • Positive tests close to 100% accurate.
  • Most effective when people most infectious
  • Lateral flow gives results in minutes.
  • Result verified during appointment and certificate issued immediately if test negative.
  • Breathe Assured’s unique online consultations and public health reporting support the UK Government’s Covid-19 strategy.

We have partnered with Salient Bio for PCR Tests

Salient Bio has a multidisciplinary team of experts with a combined 70+ years of experience researching synthetic biology and systems automation.


Benefits of travel testing with Breathe Assured and Salient Bio

  • >99% 24-hour turnaround time.
  • UKAS-accredited labs.
  • Highest security standards.


How it works

  1. Order your tests online with Breathe Assured
  2. Complete the online registration form and activate the test kit.
  3. Perform the test following the instructions on the leaflet carefully
  4. Place the return label on the returns mailing bag.
  5. Insert the sample into the mailing and seal securely.
  6. Put in a Royal Mail Priority postbox or consider a courier if urgent.


Important information


Please note, these measures cannot eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections, they simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed

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