Rapid Covid Tests


Breathe Assured has a pioneered a system for enabling individuals and businesses to access reliable Covid-19 antigen tests (also called lateral flow tests) and use them in compliance with UK Government regulations.

Get results in 15 minutes with our easy-to-use
lateral flow rapid antigen test.

Quick and reliable Covid-19 antigen tests (also called lateral flow tests) are useful for detecting people who have Covid-19, but no symptoms – up to 40% of us!

They can be invaluable for any individual worried about exposing vulnerable friends or loved ones to the virus.

Reducing asymptomatic spread may also allow us to return to work and socialising more quickly, depending on the latest Government and scientific recommendations.

As a UK Government-approved private testing provider,
Breathe Assured makes testing easy

We'll deliver tests to your door within 24 hours if you order before 4pm

No need for a test centre - just book online supervision with our healthcare professional

Provide the required information and we'll verify your result and email your certificate within 20 mins.

Benefits of rapid antigen tests from Breathe Assured​

  • Results 95% accurate in high viral loads when used in conjunction with healthcare professional.
  • Positive tests close to 100% accurate.
  • Lab-based PCR tests deliver results in days, lateral flow tests give results in minutes.
  • Easy to use, easy to interpret
  • Breathe Assured’s unique online consultations and public health reporting support the UK Government’s Covid-19 strategy.
COVID testing is likely to become more commonplace – but there is a confusing array of tests out there and there is no consensus yet on when to use them. Want to find out more?


Rapid Antigen Tests

What Are They?

Rapid antigen tests detect specific proteins called antigens which are found on the surface of the virus.

These tests can therefore identify people who are infected with coronavirus, when virus levels in the body are likely to be high.

Samples are usually obtained by swabbing of the back of the throat and the nose by a healthcare professional. Sometimes saliva samples can be used.

The sample is mixed with a special fluid that allows the viral proteins to be detected when they are placed on a paper strip.

Detection can be done using immunofluorescence in a desktop analyser, or simply by looking for the dark band on the test capsule – much like a pregnancy test.

They are also known as lateral flow tests.

They are not the same as antibody tests which can help detect PAST infection.

Benefits and Limitations

Provide Point-of-Care results on the presence of COVID antigen in 15 minutes.

Manufacturing standards and accuracy may vary.

Predictive value of positive result should be close to 100% for COVID and means following government guidelines on self-isolating and informing Public Health England and Test and Trace team so that close contacts can do the same.

However, predictive value of NEGATIVE result is slightly less than 100%. That means that it may not pick up every case of COVID.

Therefore, an individual with symptoms and a negative test should check with a PCR test.

Anyone else with a negative result should still follow standard government guidelines of hand-washing, mask-wearing and social-distancing.

Whilst rapid antigen testing is slightly less sensitive than the current gold-standard PCR test, various studies suggest that it may be sufficient to identify those individuals with sufficient viral load to be capable of spreading infection.

Please note, these measures cannot eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections, they simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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