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Registered provider of Covid tests and certifications for travel, work or events.

Secure data collection and upload to Public Health England to fulfil regulations.

Return to the UK

A supervised Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow test plus certificate is all that’s needed to allow entry into the UK.


Once back in the UK, additional tests and possible quarantine are required depending on a country’s Green, Amber or Red status in the Traffic Light System.

Just follow 3 easy steps...

1. Pre-Departure Test-to-Return - Rapid Antigen Test

You simply need an online supervised rapid antigen test with certificate to enter the UK, even if you have been vaccinated.


Remember to take a rapid antigen test away with you and book our online supervision appointment from your hotel room within 72 hours before you head back and get an instant certificate by email.  Avoid anxious searches for testing clinics abroad and long airport testing queues.


Not required for children under 11.

2. Once you arrive back in the UK - PCR Day 2 +/- Day 8

The UK government is using a Traffic Light System to classify countries as Green, Amber or Red. International travel has been opened up for Green List countries, however please note that, travel to Amber and Red List countries should not be for leisure.


You will need to follow different regulations, depending on which country you are returning from. Different levels of restriction will be applied to individuals returning to England.  Strict rules on testing and quarantine are in place based on the Traffic Light System.


You will need to fill in an online Passenger Locator Form on or within 48 hours before arrival into UK.  You may need to quarantine and you will need to preform PCR test at day 0-2 and possibly day 8 too (not required for children under 5). 

The Passenger Locator Form is a mandatory online form that needs to be completed and submitted on or within 48 hours before arrival into UK.


You must include information on your pre-booked day 2 / day 2 and 8  tests and any quarantine arrangements that are required by the Traffic Light status of the country you are departing from.

Green Countries

PCR test required on or before day 2 of arrival into England.

PCR test needs to be purchased before you travel and details entered on Passenger Locator form before entry into UK.


No need to quarantine on return to England unless day 0-2 PCR test is positive.


Check latest government  travel regulations on Green List countries

Amber Countries

Mandatory 10- day quarantine at home on return to England.

PCR test required on or before day 2 of arrival into UK and on day 8.


These need to be purchased before you travel, and details entered on Passenger Locator form before entry into UK.


A test-to-release PCR is optional (England only) and may allow earlier release from quarantine. 


Check latest government travel regulations on Amber List countries

Red Countries

Mandatory 10-day managed hotel quarantine on return to England.

PCR test required on or before day 2 of arrival into UK and on day 8.


Book the quarantine hotel and tests package before you travel and enter details on Passenger Locator form before entry into UK.


Check latest government travel regulations on Red List countries

3. Test-to-Release Early From Quarantine - PCR Day 5

If you are returing from an Amber country to England, you have an option to pay for an additional test to release early from quarantine.  This is not suitable for those returning from a Red list country or for those returning to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Test-to-Release is a scheme set up by the UK government (England only) to allow you to be released early from quarantine at a full 5 days after returning to the UK instead of the 10 days currently required for Amber Listed countries according to the government’s Travel Traffic Light System. 


It requires a PCR test and is optional. You will still need to take the compulsory day 2 and day 8 PCR tests.


You need to book your test before travel and enter details of your test provider (e.g. Randox) on your Passenger Locator form.


Please Note: Early release from quarantine only applies if test result is negative.

Buy your tests

Always check latest travel advice

Regulations change at short notice –  please check all travel advice on your destination before purchasing tests.  We can not be responsible for incorrect purchases, changes in regulations or delays in delivery due to Royal Mail, though we will try to help wherever we can.


Please note, NHS tests can not be used for travel certification.

Pre-Departure Test-to-Return/Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test & Certificate



Randox PCR Day 2 & Day 8 /Quarantine Test-to-Release discount voucher



What happens next

What our customers say...

Breathe Assured is a great platform – so thank you for making the test available and easy to use.

G.T. Online customer

Thanks so much for such a streamlined experience – and at a fraction of the cost of most tests out there. it was easy and convenient.

Lightworks Media

Thanks so much for giving up your time to test me and my family. We all felt a lot safer celebrating together!

B C Elberton

I felt so much safer knowing everyone in the pub had been tested. Everyone should test before they go into venues. It wasn’t hard – thanks for making our evening safer.

M.P Bathurst Arms, North Cerney

Rapid antigen testing is a real game-changer. The sense of touch is so important for those living with cognitive impairment – safer visiting has  made such a difference!

Fran, St Monica Trust

We ordered a pack of five tests, which arrived within 48 hours of ordering and travelled with us. Registration of the whole family for testing was pretty straightforward. Dial in to the video call from a tablet was easy. Our online nurse was very friendly, checked our details to make sure passports, etc., were all correct and took us through the tests step by step. We were done in about 20 minutes and received our certificates immediately

CV, Hertfordshire

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