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We need to protect our children, students and elderly who are living or studying in close contact with others, however hard we try to maintain social distancing and other recommended measures.

If you have access to a health professional as part of a student health or care team, we can provide them with the equipment they need to perform rapid antigen tests for your residents, students, pupils and staff, as a way of identifying asymptomatic individuals with COVID, or even seasonal flu, who may otherwise risk spreading infection to others.

Tests are available in packs of 5, or for a bespoke workplace solution, please contact us.

No-touch temperature sensors can provide individual temperature screening. But, we can also supply pole-mounted devices, suitable for school or university entrance foyers, which detect raised temperatures as people approach.


Masks and other PPE are also available – contact us for further information. 


Our medical grade air purifiers have been shown in independent testing to deactivate over 99% of SARS- CoV-2 (COVID) on the filters.


By reducing other pollutants, allergens and odours you may be giving your students, staff and residents added reassurance and fresher air to breathe too!


They are available as floor standing units and portable models for the desk or bedside table.

Of course, aerosol transmission is not the only way of picking up infections – contaminated surfaces can be a route too. So, it’s really important to note that these measures can not eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections but simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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