Travel Traffic Light System


Strict rules on testing and quarantine are in place based on the Traffic Light System as set out by the UK government classifying countries as Green, Amber or Red. You will need to follow different regulations, depending on which country you are returning from. Find out more about the Travel Traffic Light System here.



Green Country

Amber Country

Red List Country

Return to the UK Test

Rapid Antigen

Rapid Antigen

Rapid Antigen

Passenger Locator Form

Required Required Required


Not Required

10 days at home

10 days at hotel

PCR Testing

On or before day 2 after return to the UK

On or before day 2 and on day 8 after return to the UK

On or before day 2 and on day 8 after return to the UK


Not Required

PCR On Day 5

Not Allowed for Red List

Important Notes:

PCR Test Unique Reference Numbers and Passenger Locator Forms
  • PCR Tests should be purchase before you travel, and test Unique Reference Numbers recorded on the Passenger Locator Form before entry to into the United Kingdom.

Test-to-Release is a scheme set up by the UK government (England only) to allow you to be released early from quarantine at a full 5 days after returning to the UK instead of the 10 days currently required for Amber Listed countries according to the government’s Travel Traffic Light System.

It requires a PCR test on day 5 and is optional. You will still need to take the compulsory day 2 and day 8 PCR tests.

You need to book your test before travel and enter details of your test provider (e.g. Randox) on your Passenger Locator form.

Please Note: Early release from quarantine only applies if test result is negative.

This is not suitable for those returning from a Red list country or for those returning to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


Hotel Quarantine – Red List Countries

The quarantine hotel must be booked before you leave the UK for your destination as it must be recorded on your Passenger locator form.

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